Meet the characters:

Ava wants to believe that she can find solace in a place where life seems slower paced.  Wanting to feel purpose, she leaves all behind in New York, including her best friends, in search of peace.  Little does she realize that peace resides within and even more complicated is the outrageous demands from the biker that makes it his job to help her find it.

Guard seems destined to be the protector.  First his brother and club and now this out of place, completely confused yet unequivocally beautiful Ava.  How can one man take on so much? Passion for who you are and what you love!

Feel the passion:

Guard placed my hands on his chest in an attempt to keep some space between us. No such luck as he wrapped his arms around my waist and trapped my hands between us. I was full on against his chest at this point. I pull my head back to meet his gaze. I should say something but my mouth couldn’t formulate words.  I finally find my voice and ask, “Why are you here?”

I muttered and unconsciously bit my lower lip waiting for an answer.

“Baby, I told you already. You’re mine. You had to expect that I would be coming to claim you.” He says this as one of his hands holds my waist firm and the other navigates its way tingling up my spine to rest at the back of my head. His head dips close to mine. His nose moves along mine intimately. His lips caress my cheek making a path to my ear. “So beautiful.”

Leaves you wanting more:

Cautiously, I touch his jaw with my fingertips, letting them linger before tracing them along his neck and finally resting them on his shoulders. I pluck up my courage and licked his lower lip and tilted my head and pressed my lips to his. He allowed me a moment of take charge and then his mouth opened and I was besieged with tongue and lips. I was being shoved backward into the soft mattress. I moaned as I felt his weight down on me. His tongue in my mouth teasing, darting in, tasting me. His rough hands move over me. One runs a trail to my breast; even with my shirt I can feel the heat from his hand.