“What an intriguing start to something much larger; Guard leaves you wanting more. Everyone has a story and everyone wants love; the guard shows love knows no boundaries and wanting to explore more of the characters. Brilliant.”

~ Traci

“Fifty Shades has some competition;  trade in the suit for leather chaps and a motorcycle.  This suspenseful love story will have you wanting more;  over and over.”

~ Devanne T.

“A. G. Kirkham brings a unique voice to the busy Alpha male/romance genre.”

~ Sandra

“I absolutely loved this novel! I had to read it all in one sitting because it was so amazing!”


“This erotic journey build character and climax always leaving more.”

 ~ Debbie A.

“Get swept away with the anti hero.  This novel will allow you to fall for the bad boy once again.”

~ Cindy P.

“Straight laced vs. bad boy;  black and white come together to create grey.  This novel shows that both sides aren’t perfect as either pretends, and cming together brings lots of passion between them.”

~ Cindy O.

“If you want to spice up your life this novel will bring erotica and climax back.  Every character has their own story and yours has just begun.”

~ Aurora F.